Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Time for trying new things

This is my first time posting a blog, I'm not a spring chick, and I hope there is something interesting enough to draw some followers.  This is a link in a chain of new events since I opened up my Etsy shop, DuettaDesigns last September.

I'm very excited to be the "owner" of an Etsy shop.  I've been fostering and nurturing my new shop almost like it was a child, since it's inception.  Each new step holds its own sharp learning curve.  How do I set up an on-line shop, how do I write up product descriptions and titles that will capture someones' eye?  And those pictures... at first they were very primitive and naive. 

1st attempt

My current version

Now, I feel I do have a handle on those new experiences, although I may look back a year from now and still say to myself, "What were you thinking?"  Blogging seems to me to be the next step in my shops growth, so here I am.

 In future blogs I hope to introduce you to my daughter and her creative side, and to explore some jewelry making techniques to share with my friends here.

Have a great week - God bless!